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The Valmenessian Chronicles Book Three


In the epic conclusion of The Valmenessian Chronicles, a deadly curse ravages the magical population whilst the king's army marches to crush all resistance to his rule.


Nora embarks on a journey to confront the tyrannical ruler, discovering secrets and coming face to face with her past.


In Sorby, Evelyn navigates a labyrinth of lies to uncover her lost memories, unravelling truths that will change everything she thought she knew about Valmenessia.


Meanwhile, August joins the Northern Alliance's rebellion against the king, forming new bonds and aiding in the search for a cure.


As ties are tested and sacrifices made, Nora, Evelyn and August must confront their true selves and the changing world they thought they knew. With Valmenessia's fate hanging in the balance, they must fight to save their land from destruction and forge a new future.

Vice and Verity is an adult fantasy novel. It contains cursing, sexual references, violence, physical assault, and other adult themes. 

Vice and Verity (Hardcover)

Expected to ship after 27th of June 2024.
  • First Edition Hardcover


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