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Liars and Light Hardcover

The Valmenessian Chronicles Book One


What if everything you thought you believed was a lie? Would you blame the person who told you those lies, or would the fault be all your own? After all, you were the one who chose to believe…


Nora is an Elementum but unlike the majority of her race, she can wield fire, water, and air magic with equal power. Having been sold to the king as a child, she is now bound to him by the shackle tattoos encircling her wrists, marking her as an Alta—a secret soldier. Commanded to find an Anima who disappeared with barely a trace, Nora works to solve the mystery, and finds herself in a city rife with rebellion. Desperate to serve her king, she delves into the lives of the faction, eager to uncover any information that would lead her to find the Anima.


Lys Alv. Healer. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Everything Evelyn has worked for is finally falling into place, but an uneasiness sits in her stomach. Two strangers come hurtling into her path and Evelyn begins to question what she truly wants from life. After an offer to join a rebellion against the king arises, she will have to choose whether to continue following the path laid out before her or start her own adventure.


In a magical world where unethical laws are shrouded in speeches of justice and safety, the king moves to gain more control of the people he promised to protect. A divide is forming, lines are being drawn, and two women find themselves at a crossroads.


With lingering grief and a rising threat, Evelyn must decide where her fate lies.


And Nora, first she needs the power to choose.

Liars and Light is an adult fantasy novel. It contains cursing, sexual references, violence, physical assault, and other adult themes. 


Rise and Reverence Hardcover

The Valmenessian Chronicles Book Two


Blackmailed into leaving her home, Evelyn finds herself trapped in Royal Bay and betrothed to a prince. However, things aren’t as they seem, and to uncover secrets and keep her friends safe, Evelyn must play the part King Dominic demands of her.

Freed from the magical bonds that tied her to a tyrant king, Nora is forced to reconcile with her past actions. But can she ever learn to trust someone again?

August’s emotions and magic run unchecked, making him a threat to all those around him. Deep in the Periculum Mountains, August will find help, unearth secrets, and discover more than he bargained for.

As all three battle their own demons, a greater evil grows with each sacrifice to the Makers.

The rebels will rise.

The king will demand reverence.

Valmenessia will be changed forever.

Rise and Reverence is an adult fantasy novel and the sequel to Liars and Light. It contains cursing, sexual references, violence, physical assault, and other adult themes. Visit the author's website for a list of content warnings.

The Valmenessian Chronicles Hardcover Book Bundle

  • First Edition Hardcovers of Liars and Light & Rise and Reverence

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