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A Valmenessian Novella

Makers only love once.

At least that's what Sloane's father always told her. When Sloane meets handsome newcomer, Nevan Grim, she dares to believe he could be the one.

As she navigates days filled with town gossip, work at the apothecary, and her father's troubling obsession with family history, Nevan’s interest gives Sloane hope for her future.

On the surface, everything seems perfect, but something is stirring below.

When mysterious gifts begin arriving, Sloane’s sure they’re from Nevan. But is he the secret admirer, or something else?

Maker is an adult fantasy novella set prior to the events of The Valmenessian Chronicles and is recommended to be read after Rise and Reverence. It contains cursing, sexual references, violence, and other adult themes.

Maker (Paperback)

  • First Edition Paperback


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