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A Valmenessian Novella


As far as the citizens of Valmenessia were concerned, Nora did not exist.

Alta. Elementum. Assassin. Spy.
Nora is a secret soldier for King Dominic, and her allegiances are magically tied to him. When he commands her to extinguish a threat and bring a wayward lord to heel, Nora is driven to fulfil his wishes.
In Valmenessia, the powerful rule in subtlety, like spiders weaving their invisible webs, and Nora prides herself on the role she plays in pulling those strings.
After all, if she does not exist, why would her conscience?

Alta is an adult fantasy novella set prior to the events of Liars and Light. It contains cursing, sexual references, violence, and other adult themes.


Alta (Paperback)

  • First Edition Paperback


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