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The Terrulian Trials: Book Two


I’d thought surviving the trials and becoming queen would be the biggest hurdle I’d ever face. I was dead wrong.


Someone is murdering Potentials and blackmailing the Masters. The worst part? They’re framing me for it.


A serial killer is on the loose, human traffickers are on the hunt, and a mysterious hooded man is making deals with devils everywhere. To top it all off, a fire has torn through the Verdant Plateau, and I have no doubt it all ties back to House Jupiter.


Distractions lie in the arms of four gorgeous men as deadly as each other. I cannot fall for them, but my conviction teeters on the edge of a sharp blade.


I’m walking a fine line between pleasure and pain, but I’m doing it my way. I have a murderer to find and answers to seek, and I don’t care if I get a little bloody on the way.


I’m an Auger, after all, and death is a family affair.


The Terrulian Trials is a steamy urban fantasy series brimming with mystery, magic, and blood. This is a “why choose” novel, meaning the heroine ends up with multiple love interests. This novel is recommended for readers 18+ and is book two of six.

A Forest of Fire (Hardcover)

  • First Edition Hardcover

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